Industrial Market Information

Selltis announces partnership with Industrial Market Information (IMI).
In partnership with IMI, Selltis provides an integrated solution for market demand data analytics, tracking, and followup in the fluid power, power transmission and electrical markets. The Selltis/IMI solution provides a road map that enables you to focus your organization on most lucrative markets, improving your sales results and putting you way ahead of your competition.

ReMap Sales Planning

Selltis partners with ReMap Sales Planning (RSA).
In partnership with ReMap Sales Planning, Selltis delivers an integrated solution for market demand data analytics, tracking, and followup for the process instrumentation and automation markets. Armed with RSA's market demand data and Selltis' pipeline loading roadmap, you can improve your team's focus and effectiveness, and greatly improve your sales results through increased market share.


Brian Gardner conducts sales workshop for Industrial Supply Association (ISA) in Chicago


Selltis rolls out “Market Demand Manager” module at Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) Fall Conference and Product Showcase in Nashville



Access Now: Focus on the Front End of Sales in Latest Episode of Executive Briefing
In the Executive Briefing episode, Gardner also talks about other steps distributors can take to build focus on the front-end, including approaching it as a team solution (and not just for the outside salespeople), starting small, committing to training and having sales management drive the change, not IT.

WIKA Canada

Selltis unveils its two-way integration with P21 ERP system at the P21 User Group Conference, Atlanta

WIKA Canada

Brian Gardner participates in Wika Canada annual sales meeting with focus on sales process

Global Petroleum Show

Selltis rolls out Goal Tracker system at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada

Sales Management Association

Brian Gardner speaks at the Sales Management Association (SMA) in Noordwuk, Netherlands

Chem Show

Selltis gives talk on Lead Management at the Chem Show at the Javits Center in New York

Stork Technical Services

Brian Gardner conducts sales process training at Stork Power Services in Bogota, Columbia



Brian Gardner on Sales Thinker Radio
Brian emphasizes the need for a CRM partner with deep knowledge of your business, your customers’ businesses and industry. It’s not about the tool. It’s about a holistic understanding of the entire sales and service process.


Selltis shows new functionality at the MCAA Annual Conference and Product Showcase in Dallas
Selltis will present its new Goal-oriented selling functionality, various productivity-enhancing improvements in the user interface, and new security features.



Fluid Power Journal Feature on WIKA Instruments
The company determined that better organization and communication was business critical within its sales process, and that led them to Selltis Sales, an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software for end-to-end sales process automation.



Making the CRM Grade: Texas A&M University Enrolls Selltis Sales 5.0 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software into its Curriculum
The Industrial Distribution Program has been using Selltis for its industrial distribution course offering since 2002 and recently migrated to the newest version of the company's namesake CRM software.



CRM Eases the Pressure for Wika Instruments
WIKA Instruments' national sales manager finds Selltis an invaluable tool for managing the long cycle of engineering projects by retaining knowledge despite comings and goings of salespeople and client liaisons.


2/2008 CRM 101 - You Can Never Learn Enough.
Selltis’ primary differentiation from competitive products is the vertical focus of its SFA/CRM and PRM software, developed specifically for its target markets. Consequently, unlike generic offerings, Selltis’ basic architecture, its features and functionality, its BPM (business process management) capabilities, its deployment, implementation training and support processes address common pain points experienced by technical and industrial sales teams as well as those in other vertical markets with similar complex sales characteristics.



CRM Advocate: Selltis, LLC Launches Next-Generation of Hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Expanding on the company’s unique, Hyper-relational™ technology that offers “many-to-many” data linking, the new Selltis Sales 5.0 "Link The Way You Think™" approach provides the capability to proactively manage complex, team sales environments. The Selltis Sales platform includes tools to automate marketing campaigns and lead management as well as quoting and field service.

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